Portraits with Personality – a fun place to work!!

Portraits with Personality

Portraits with Personality – a fun place to work!!

Sonic Boom Team

I LOVE shooting portraits with Personality! These are from a shoot at Sonic Boom Wellness  – what a great bunch of fun people!

Sometimes conventional portraits aren’t enough to communicate the uniqueness of your organization. Personality is a hard thing to capture especially for those of us that aren’t models or actors. I have a knack for getting camera shy people to channel those hidden expressions and capture them at the decisive moment. These photos are from a client who wants to show that their company is a energetic, fun place to work with a friendly, bright, outgoing staff .

This type of shoot can typically be setup at your location, while it does take a bit of extra space to give us plenty of room for jumping, leaping and general fun there is usually a spot that will work and often becomes a center of attention as the whole process is a great team building effort!   If you don’t have the space or prefer no distractions in the office we can utilize a studio as well.

When you are ready to take your photos to the next level, please give me a call and we can discuss how your photos can go from ordinary to extraordinary!



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